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Can this "Magic Spell" make you happier and more creative?

How many holes in the sand have you dug searching for that long lost genie in the bottle?

I know I've spent a fair amount of fantasy time waiting for the big blue fella to appear and grant me those three wishes...

"I wish I was a little bit taller... I wish I was a baller..."

Of course, we all know there is no magic spell for fame and fortune, no incantations that can make someone love you, make you thinner or make your a-hole boss disappear in a puff of smoke. (I know a guy that can help with the last one... ok not really.)

As much as I'd love to have Robin Williams back, in any form... it just ain't in the cards.

But would you settle for being happier and more self-confident? Would you like to reduce anxiety and increase self-love and motivation? Would it surprise you if I told you there’s something simple you can do that IS borderline magic and backed by research?

All for the low, low price of just 5 minutes a day?

Introducing - Positive Affirmations!

Act now and I'll double your order!!!!

Wait you say? You mean the hooky "Daily Affirmations with Stuart Smalley" kind of affirmations?

The ones that make me sound like a manic on the verge of collapse into the abyss?

Those affirmations?

Yes. I mean THOSE affirmations

Well, maybe not Mr. Smalley's brand specifically, but positive affirmations nonetheless.

Turns out, there is some pretty solid science behind the power of Affirmations for Self Love.

A study published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, by Doctoral Candidate Christopher Cascio and Associate Professor Emily Falk used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to find that self-affirmation activates well-known reward centers in the brain. According to Cascio:

“Many studies have shown that these circuits can do things like dampen pain and help us maintain balance in the face of threats.”

In a 2017 article on Psychology Today

Cancer survivors in a study on affirmations in health outcomes showed:

“That participants with higher optimism reported better health, greater happiness, hopefulness, and a lower likelihood of cognitive impairment.”

I admit that it seems a little hard to believe.

Can a simple mantra make me happier?

If I tell myself: “I am an artist and what I create is powerful and important.”

Can that actually make me a better artist?

As it happens, our brains are listening to our thoughts in a way that we may not actively understand. When I look at it from the cognitive effects that positive reinforcements have on my ability to overcome my own internal censors, I can see how beneficial this kind of magic can be when it comes to opening up new creative and artistic connections.

The article goes on to add that:

“The subconscious mind, however, cannot differentiate between negative and positive, or between what is real and imagined. For example, if we want to be successful, we cannot say things like “I don’t want to be a failure.” The subconscious mind will act upon the word “failure,” ignoring the word “don’t,” and actualizing the undesired result. We must choose what we share with our subconscious mind carefully, and that is why positive affirmations are so critical.”

In today’s social media – Trolls Gone Wild – society where everyone seems bent on tearing each other down, it can be hard to find a clear foothold on reality.

Negativity abounds.

Posting snaps of yesterday’s lunch quickly became photoshop fabrication of picture-perfect lives we don’t actually live. The dopamine “LIKE” hit has distorted our view of ourselves so much that it seems unlikely that simply patting ourselves on the back will get us anywhere but outed by the heaving masses as a fraud.

The solution? The Secret Sauce? The Magic Spell?

The truth is, I don’t need your big blue thumb to validate me.

And you don’t need mine – I mean do you even know where that thing has been?

So how to begin:

Start with simple I AM affirmations.

I am powerful.

I am Creative.

I am Successful

I am worthy of happiness and love.

I am able and willing to heal and be healed through positivity and love.

Say them even if you don’t believe them. Your mind will focus on the positive and begin to clear a path for your success.

Better yet – write them out every morning 10 times and then LISTEN.

Listen for your inner critic to chime in.

You’re fat.

You’re lazy.

You’ll never be successful.

What an asshole. - The critic, not you.

Take that negative BS and rewire them into positives.

I deserve to be happy and I will be thin.

I am full of energy and positivity.

I am worthy of praise and success.

Repeat them over and over and over.

Do it just for today. Then again tomorrow and the next day and the next and the next.

Try not to focus on anything else.

Don’t worry about action steps of goals or planning you’re new wardrobe just yet.

Just repeat until you start to believe. You’ll know because the critic will get louder. It hates the new positive you.

You sexy, successful beast.

Science suggests this may even be an actual physical occurrence that happens in your brain as it strengthens and builds upon positive neural connections.

Just by repeating these affirmations, you are building a stronger, happier, more capable brain.

If that ain’t magic I don’t know what is!

Then, when you’ve successfully pissed the critic off, make one small change.

A 5-minute walk once a week.

Then 10 Minutes, 15, 20, 30…

Just keep digging (or walking) and see where you end up.

My guess is you’ll find that Genie in the bottle. I wouldn’t hold my breath that he’s going snap his fingers and turn you into an NBA star… But he may show you a path to happiness that you haven’t even considered yet.

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